Within the play Macbeth is faced with many trials and tribulations that show us his ever changing state of mind.  Through Macbeth, his manhood is constantly questioned by Lady Macbeth who shows herself to be, in private, an evil and dominant character over Macbeth, for she does not believe that Macbeth has the cruel heart […]

    Macbeths views are, first that he is interested and wants to know more “would they had stayed”. Once he has learned that he is actually Thane of Cawdor, his interest turns to a belief that this may well be true and that he is going to be king, this leads him to question whether […]

“As two spent swimmers, that do cling together And choke their art.” Meaning: The two swimmers are actually representing the armies of Macdonwald and King Duncan. They “cling” to each other, this means that although both armies are fighting against each other they are so tired that they are looking to one another for resting support. […]

The convict tells Pip to get a file and  wittles from Joes workshop as to break through his chains and leg irons:  “You bring me, to-morrow morning early, that file and them wittles. You bring the lot to me, at that old Battery over yonder. You do it, and you never dare to say a […]

Chapter XXI: Wemmick introduces Pip to Herbert Pocket. Herbert and Pip immediately decide their liking towards one another. Herbert is described in a way making him seem very enthusiastic, Pip feels that the two are in fact extremely different in their personalities, where Herbert is quite an extrovert, Pip is easily described as an introvert,we also […]

Para 1. Opening paragraph: This paragraph describes the amount of money($20 billion) that McDonald’s spends yearly, and how they show themselves to be a “caring” and “green” company which is also a “fun place to eat.”  It says that behind the smiling face of Ronald McDonald are “lies” and “the reality”. These “realities” are of how […]